3 Basic Ways To Make Your Wedding Guests Happy

Too many times we talk about the things guests should and should not to for the comfort/happiness of the couple. While these are great topics to share, sometimes we need to put the wedding guests in focus too, and think of their own needs. Have you ever taken time out to ask “How Can I make My Wedding Guests Happy?”

Yes, the wedding is primarily about the couple but a couple who takes to heart the needs/comfort/joy of their guests would always be a couple to remember. It not only goes to show the character of a couple but in some cases it throws some tacky options out of many weddings we see.

Truth be told, not all couples intentionally leave out these things, in most cases, it is not just a top priority especially when it comes to the wedding budget, so other things top the list and before you know it, there’s not enough money left to take good care of the guests. So if you are the type of bride/groom who wishes to prioritize your wedding guests and want to show them you truly care about them, here are a few ways to make them happy!

3 Basic Ways To Make Your Wedding Guests Happy

1. Food: This is definitely a top priority on our list especially due to how long an average wedding takes (4 to 5 hours). If you expect to have guests at your wedding and spend such an amount of time, be prepared to feed them and feed them real good!

The kind of food is totally up to you (and your budget), but somethings are just basic and should not be skimped on. To take it a step further, on the invitation, having a meal preference is another genius idea especially when thinking of allergies or specific food preferences.

2. Comfort: Think of your wedding location and the weather/temperature, then think of ways to make your guests most comfortable. Especially if your wedding is outdoor, making provisions such as pashminas/blankets for the cooler weather, fans for hotter weather, or umbrellas for a rainy day, all these would communicate to your guests that as a host, you have thought carefully about their comfort.

Tuscan Inspired Wedding – cool weather snuggle up blanket favors

3. Entertainment: There’s something about weddings that make most of us think of a crazy and packed dance floor. Great entertainment is definitely one thing your guests would highly appreciate and in most cases, this is good music.

Knowing the kind of guests you would be having would help you plan for a more appropriate kind of entertainment. As crazy as it may sound, not everyone is looking to go ga-ga on the dance floor so entertainment may not necessarily mean high-beat dancing music. To some, great entertainment maybe fun games (think of great lawn games if you are having an outdoor wedding), to others it may be good soulful music playing in the background, while to others a great MC, who happens to be a fab comedian to keep the guests laughing throughout.

Whatever the case is, knowing your guests would help you tailor your entertainment option in the right (or most appropriate) direction.

Photo from Tuscan Inspired Wedding by Alex Bruce Photography

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