25 Money Saving Tips For Weddings

It’s no news that weddings can be expensive; with the rate at which the average cost of weddings are rising, the thought of a wedding alone can be frightening. And for this reason, couples are always looking to save where they can; to get the wedding of their dreams without breaking the bank. Today’s post sums up 25 different ways to cut down wedding costs and achieve what a couple is financially comfortable with.

We have asked both current and old brides (now wives) to tell us what is working (and what worked) for them. These money saving tips might not apply to everyone depending on their lifestyle, habits or styles of wedding but hopefully they help inspire everyone on ways to save and save big!

Number of People

1. Cut the guest list: Many times wedding costs add up per head. So the fewer the heads, the lesser the amount spent.

2. Smaller Wedding Party: Lesser money to spend on bridesmaids flowers, groomsmen boutonnieres, wedding party thank you gifts, accommodation and more.


3. Non peak day: We all love a weekend wedding and this makes the price shoot up. So week days would often be the more affordable option for the couple.

4. Non peak time of day: Many weddings happen in the late afternoons and evenings. Non peak times would be mornings and early afternoons.

5. Non peak month of year: In most cases, the deep winter months would cost less than the summer ones. Here in North America, that would be around November to March.

6. Book ahead of time: Some vendors give discounts when couples book early in advance. Couples should always ask before making any commitment.


7. Rent The Dress: Most grooms rent their attire, brides can do so too. In many cases renting is usually a cheaper option. Brides could rent their dresses, reception dresses and even bridesmaids dresses.

8. Buy Sample dresses or Off the rack dresses: If it’s already on location, the dress could be a few hundred bucks off. Always ask and review it.

9. Pre-owned wedding dresses: From places such as Tradesy.

10. Something Old: Making use of items such as an old (still nice) pair of shoes, your mother (or granny’s) jewelry, and other options.



11. One location: Using one location can save on transportation costs and if using one exact room for both the ceremony and reception, setting up costs could be saved too. A couple just needs to be very organized with the logistics of this option.

12. Locations that need less decor: Think about an already beautiful location that needs less or no decorations at all.

Wedding Paper Goods

13. Lighter Invitations: The heavier your invitation package, the more expensive. Couples could make use of lighter papers or fewer insertions to reduce wight.

14. E-invites: According to theKnot’s Survey, 2 out of 3 brides opt for this option. It is eco-friendly and more affordable. Options such as E-vite, Paperless Post, Wedivite, and others.

15. E-save the dates (or None at all): It is okay if you don’t send out save the dates. Word of mouth and formal invitations to follow could work well too if timed properly.

16. Ceremony Programs: Skipping the ceremony programs could also be a source of savings. It may not be needed especially if couple keeps the ceremony short.


17. Student Vendors: Student vendors could help save you a lot. But always remember to review their work and recommendations (if any) to finally make the right decision.

18. Giveaways and Discounts: Some Vendors are always out to help couples or increase their portfolios through giveaways and deals. Couples should always ask and research before paying full price.


19. DIY: Research and bring out the inner craft-y woman in you. But always remember when to draw the line between a DIY option and an obvious professional option because some DIYs could end up costing more.

20. Flower options: Flowers easily rack up the bill as beautiful as they are. You can give your ladies non-floral options to hold, such as clutch bags, paper bouquets, etc.

21. Already owned decor: For your centerpieces and other decor options, look around your house. You may be surprised to find items that would be perfect for your wedding. Items such as vases, ribbons, linens and more.

22. Unnecessary wedding traditions: Who said a couple has to participate in every wedding tradition in the book? The more the traditions, most likely the higher the cost. It’s okay to completely skip traditions such as garter toss, getaway car, and others that may not be your style.

23. Honeymoon: A couple can consider having a honeymoon on a smaller but cozier scale (think road trips to places you have never been before) or consider a different time when travel tickets are less expensive.

24. Wedding Favors: Some are cute but still get left behind. It’s okay to totally scrap this or opt for little options that would most likely be used – edible favors.

After The Wedding

25. Re-use/Sell Wedding Goods: Instead of buying a new vase for your new home, how about you re-use the ones used for your centerpieces? Not only is this a sentimental addition but an eco-friendly and a more affordable one. And for the items that can not be re-used in the home, other couples may be in need of them, so consider selling them.

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With all these tips, couples should always be cautious and careful. Ask questions, read reviews. review portfolios and finally go with your gut! Happy money savings!

Photo Credit: Thanks to Knotsvilla listed vendor, Michelle White Photography for the cover image from this Silver and Gold Wedding Inspiration shoot.

Question of the Day: Which of these tips did (would) you implement? Are there any other tips you would love to add? Do share!

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