2016 Top Engagement Sessions | Year in Review

This week we kicked off our 2016 year recaps with the real weddings, styled shoots and today we move over to the top engagement sessions. In the midst of all the creative submissions we got this year, we’ve managed to select 4 of our favorite themes for engagement sessions. There’s nothing like seeing engagement sessions which include personality, props and so much character to make them stand out from the next engagement session that comes through your feed.

Here on KnotsVilla we are forever encouraging couples to think before they pose; that is, think of how you can make your engagement session personal and creative. Think of how your photos can communicate who you are as a couple rather than the regular/basic looks we see with little or no creativity.

Focusing on themes this year has truly opened our eyes to see the bar raised with photographers and couples opting to do things different, add some creativity and tell their personal stories. Here are the engagement themes that totally rocked our year this 2016!

Top Engagement Sessions of 2016

 1. 200 Balloons Engagement by Karizma Photography

200-Balloons-Engagement-session-011 200 Balloons Engagement

2. Sunrise Film Engagement by Ashley dePencier Photography

sunrise-film-engagement-session-02 sunrise-film-engagement-session-bridal-floral-crown

3. Hiking and Camping Engagement by Jessica Williams Studio

Hiking and Camping Engagement session - mugs Hiking and Camping Engagement session - 13

4. Sunset Beach Picnic Engagement by All My Love Photography

Sunset-Beach-Picnic-Engagement-session-lollipop Sunset-Beach-Picnic-Engagement-session-props

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