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Happy #FashionFriday! Today I have the Spring collection of 2015 Wedding Dresses by Sareh Nouri. This collection of opulent bridal gowns and veils was launched during NYC Bridal Fashion Week this April at The London Hotel in New York City. While I was not able to attend in person, I sure had fun as I watched it all happen via Sareh Nouri’s Instagram page. And finally I get to share it all with you from the perspective of these fantastic images.

Sareh Nouri’s collection, inspired by florals and nature’s most beautiful textures, was complete with a harmonious blend of luxurious fabrics and laces from around the world. Continuing her work with the world renowned Sophie Hallette lace house in Caudry, France, Sareh was able to create a work of art with each gown. The collection can be described as light and intricately detailed; with lavish fabrics such as satin organza, that flows like water. Impeccably constructed with the utmost attention to fit and form, this Spring 2015 collection exemplifies the craftsmanship of the made in the USA, Sareh Nouri line.

2015-Wedding-Dresses-Sareh-Nouri-f 2015-Wedding-Dresses-Sareh-Nouri-g 2015-Wedding-Dresses-Sareh-Nouri-h 2015-Wedding-Dresses-Sareh-Nouri-i 2015-Wedding-Dresses-Sareh-Nouri-j 2015-Wedding-Dresses-Sareh-Nouri-k 2015-Wedding-Dresses-Sareh-Nouri-l 2015-Wedding-Dresses-Sareh-Nouri-m 2015-Wedding-Dresses-Sareh-Nouri-n 2015-Wedding-Dresses-Sareh-Nouri-o 2015-Wedding-Dresses-Sareh-Nouri-a 2015-Wedding-Dresses-Sareh-Nouri2015-Wedding-Dresses-Sareh-Nouri-b 2015-Wedding-Dresses-Sareh-Nouri-c 2015-Wedding-Dresses-Sareh-Nouri-d 2015-Wedding-Dresses-Sareh-Nouri-e

Putting aside the fact that my favorite color is purple, isn’t this photo just dreamy??

CREDITS: Bridal gowns and veils: SAREH NOURI | Select Bridal Laces: House of sophie hallette | Photographer: MILLIE BATISTA | Hair: Magda S Nyitray | Makeup: Jessica Martini of Magda’s Designs Inc

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