2014 Wedding Dresses: Alma Novia

Hello Friends and Brides! Today’s #FashionFriday post is along the lines of that which we have really missed on this blog; Wedding Dresses! If you are already smiling then get ready to smile even wider with this collection. These 2014 Wedding Dresses by Alma Novia are just the epitome of the word: Graceful!

In this collection be sure to spot many dresses with lace, beading, beautiful back details, side pockets and many other details that makes a bride want to grab them all. Here are 25 of my favorite and diverse looks…I know, 26 is a lot to be termed as”favorite”, but I just couldn’t help myself!

1. Nadine2014-wedding-dresses-alma-novia-nadine2. Napoles2014-wedding-dresses-alma-novia-napoles3. Naiara
2014-wedding-dresses-alma-novia-naiara 4. Noble2014-wedding-dresses-alma-novia-noble 5. Nebra2014-wedding-dresses-alma-novia-nebra 6.Noche2014-wedding-dresses-alma-novia-noche 7. Nuria2014-wedding-dresses-alma-novia-nuria 8. Nelida2014-wedding-dresses-alma-novia-nelida 9. Nelly2014-wedding-dresses-alma-novia-nelly 10. Nenufar2014-wedding-dresses-alma-novia-nenufar 11. Nur2014-wedding-dresses-alma-novia-nur 12. Nolan2014-wedding-dresses-alma-novia-nolan 13. Nirvana2014-wedding-dresses-alma-novia-nirvana 14. Norbert2014-wedding-dresses-alma-novia-norbert 15. Noria2014-wedding-dresses-alma-novia-noria16. Niquel2014-wedding-dresses-alma-novia-niquel17. Niara2014-wedding-dresses-alma-novia-niara18. Nibila2014-wedding-dresses-alma-novia-nibila 19. Nipon2014-wedding-dresses-alma-novia-nipon 20. Nieves2014-wedding-dresses-alma-novia-nieves21. Nicosia
2014-wedding-dresses-alma-novia-nicosia 22. Noa2014-wedding-dresses-alma-novia-noa 23. Niebla2014-wedding-dresses-alma-novia-niebla 24. Nina2014-wedding-dresses-alma-novia-nina 25. Niobe2014-wedding-dresses-alma-novia-niobe

If you still need to see more beauty and style perfection, then visit the Alma Novia website because there’s definitely more!

My apologies for being late on the post today, feeling a little under the weather ever since I got back from my vacation. Happy Friday and have a blessed weekend!

Question of the Day: Tell me, I’d like to know your favorite from these my 25 favorites 🙂

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