2014 in Review: Top 5 Wedding Advice

Happy new week and happy last week of 2014! For the next 3 days (the last 3 days of this year), we would review Knotsvilla’s top posts in a few categories – Advice, Real Weddings & Engagement Sessions. While these might not be “fresh” content for KV’s steady visitors, I feel this review/countdown might help our new visitors get a sense of what KV is all about.

This year KV had a posting schedule which we often used; on Mondays we mainly blogged about Wedding Advice, so it only made sense being today is a Monday, to start our review with our Top 5 Wedding Advice posts of the year.

5. Marriage Proposal Tips | #WeddingChatter

This year, KV started a twitter chat which we called #WeddingChatter. This became a pretty huge inspiration behind our posts since many wedding industry lovers gathered on twitter to discuss quite a number of wedding related topics. This post called Marriage Proposal Tips, I believe was the first of the #WeddingChatter series recapped on the blog in May, where we discussed the 3 Marriage Proposal pointers to consider before popping the question.

See full feature – Marriage Proposal Tips


4. Wedding Diaries | Finding the Perfect Bridesmaids Dress

The Wedding Diaries has been a feature of Knotsvilla for the past 2 years. In these features, real brides blog and tell us all about their wedding planning journey; from inspiration, to advice, to actual planning and recaps of the wedding day itself. In May, real Bride Robin blogged about 5 things to consider when finding the Perfect Bridesmaids Dress. No surprise it makes the list of KV’s top wedding advice posts of the year.

See full feature – Wedding Diaries | Finding the Perfect Bridesmaids Dress


3. A Wedding Reception with No Dinner

Posted in February, this was quite a rushed post but clearly something people had wondered about a lot; What would a wedding reception look like if it had no dinner option? Many people seem to worry if this is tacky or even possible. In this post, my answer is a yes to it being possible and I give 4 easy ways to pull off a dinner-less wedding reception.

See full feature – A Wedding Reception with No Dinner


2. Wedding Guest List and How to Handle it | #WeddingChatter

Another WeddingChatter recap post which was posted in June was all about the Guest List; Drawing it, Cutting it and Dealing with it. Because everyone knows how crucial the guest list is to every wedding (regardless of budget), having a post like this on KV was almost mandatory. Clearly our viewers agreed with us, as we see this post made the 2nd on this countdown for top wedding advice posts.

See full feature – Wedding Guest List and How to Handle it | #WeddingChatter


1. How to Set your Dinner Table | Place Settings

Posted in the first month of this year, this post ranks as our best wedding advice post of 2014. In this post I covered how to set dinner tables for 3 kinds of events; Formal, Informal and Semi-formal. Featured with layouts drawn by me and accompanied by real photo inspiration, this post gives a clear and easy guide to setting your dinner table for your wedding, thanksgiving dinner or any other dinner you host.

See full feature – How to Set your Dinner Table | Place Settings


Hope you enjoyed the 2014 review of Wedding Advice featured here on Knotsvilla. Stay tuned for more reviews!

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