2014 in Review: Top 5 Engagement Sessions

Happy last day of 2014 KV friends! Today’s review is all about the adorable couples in the engagement sessions that made “awww” a little too much. These last couple of days we have covered our top real weddings, wedding advice posts and today we finalize our review/countdown with Knotsvilla’s top 5 Engagement sessions.

From their multiple themes and outfits, to the adorable kisses and smiles, here are the 5 engagement sessions we would definitely remember for the year 2014.

5. Puerto Rico Vintage Engagement by Karism Photography

Starting at #5, we have Edwin and Nilmarie’s Vintage Engagement in Puerto Rico which was published in September. These high school sweethearts in a vintage picnic setting was pure love perfection beautifully captured by Karism Photography. Her cute lace dress, the red lips, red nails, the groom’s blue suspenders, red bowtie were a few of our favorite things from this session.

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Puerto Rico Vintage Engagement-book-love

4. Vintage Engagement in Texas by Lizard Nickel Photography

Published in June, this Old Hollywood Vintage engagement surely blew our minds from the moment we set our eyes on this couple. A perfect example of a couple “getting into character” for their engagement session. From the attire (her grandmother’s dress) to the hair and location, Matt and Emily embraced this vintage themed engagement session so well and had Lizard Nickel Photography capture it all for us.

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3. Holi Powder Engagement by Erica Mendenhall Photography

Several outfit changes, a mix of Eastern cultural and Western flare, combined with a Holi Powder toss ending; that is pretty much the best way to describe Samantha and Jay’s Holi Powder Engagement session. Published on Knotsvilla in March, this engagement session ranks as the 3rd most viewed session and we can totally see why; that Holi powder fun and a western girl in an Indian attire is not very easy to ignore. Hats off to one of our favorite photographers, Erica Mendenhall Photography for this session.

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2. Cupcake Themed Engagement by Vanessa Joy Photography

All things yummy, KV sure fell in love with this engagement session with a cupcake in center of their love. Megan and Vinnie’s cute engagement session took place in the heart of Princeton photographed by Vanessa Joy Photography. This session shows beautifully the fall season, a sweet looking cupcake, silverware with “I-do” and “me-too” engraved, cute signs for props and a couple in love – the most important of them all.

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1. Oriental Hotel Lagos Engagement by Atunbi Photography

Finally at the #1 spot for the year 2014 in regards to engagement sessions, we have Temi and Olly’s Lagos Engagement session by Atunbi Photography. Detailed with the “how they met” and proposal story, this session was so much fun to have on Knotsvilla. Clearly the awesomeness of this session was not just about the photos; it was the photos and the words shared by the bride-to-be Temi.

See full feature – Oriental Hotel Lagos Engagement by Atunbi Photography


There goes the top 5 engagement sessions that put Knotsvilla on the map with the most views, wishing these couples nothing but pure happiness and long marriages in the future!

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