13 Dog Save The Date Photo Ideas

Somethings take the word “adorable” to a whole new level and for me, a major one is when couples include their furry kids in their weddings! Today’s post is focusing on those adorable dog save the date photo ideas that we never seem to get enough of on pinterest. Every photo after the other is so “Awwwwww” worthy!

TIP For the Look

When it comes to your puppy save the date look and how to personalize it, there are quite a number of options to consider. Starting with the actual signage itself, think of personalizing it can begin with the actual look. Think of the look of the signage which could differ in the color, the size, the position is placed (on the puppy or by the side). Still in regards to the look, you can also consider the material used to hang the signage – a feathered rope, nautical rope, pearls – you can totally be fancy even with that little detail!

For wording, this could include the object used for the wording (chalk, colored markers, engraved), the handwriting/font used and the actual wording itself. A few of the options for wording we see here are;

  • Just the date – mm-dd-year
  • Save the Date, mm-dd-year
  • Our humans/parents are Getting married/hitched

Remember these are supposed to inspire you, to create something personal for you and your spouse to be, so feel free to make it “you”!

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Outdoor Minneapolis Engagement-session-pet

Photo by Jeannine Marie Photography via KnotsVilla

Dog-save-the-date-ideas 10

Photo by Chao Photography

Dog-save-the-date-ideas 11

Photo by CHARD Photo


Photo by Chris Malpass Photography 


Photo by Theo-Graphics Photography

Dog-save-the-date-ideas 2

Photo by Sean Walker Photography

Puppy-save-the-date-ideas 3

Photo by George Street Photo & Video

Puppy-save-the-date-ideas 4

Photo by Meaghan Elliott Photography via Artfully Wed

Puppy-save-the-date-ideas 5

Photo by Meaghan Elliott Photography via Bayside Bride

Photo by Adora Bella Photography

Puppy-save-the-date-ideas 7

Photo via the Berry

Dog-save-the-date-ideas 8

Photo by Regina Rached Photography 

Puppy-save-the-date-ideas 9

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