12 Questions and Answers; Celebrating 12 Months of EWAM

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On this day #2 I continue to celebrate this project of mine. I continue to ask “Where did all that time go?” Actually I think I know; they went into all the work of finding and feeding you with wedding inspiration – time seems to sweep away very fast when you actually enjoy what you do. I only hope I have somewhat succeeded and helped someone out there. I believe in impact more than numbers, so despite the growing numbers of views, nothing makes me happier when someone actually says my posts helped them in their planning.

Okay I am beginning to sound like a teacher or a student, whichever and that is not the point of this post. Yesterday I said this week was all about Me and the journey of Blogging for EWAM, and so today I begin with 12 Questions and answers about me. Get comfy and get to know a little bit about the girl who sits in her hotel bathroom and blogs because the key pressing on her computer tends to deprive her husband of his good night rest.

What is your Full Name?
Ekenebukechukwu Gianna Asaam. *gasps* You see, while you try to figure out how to fully pronounce that 15 letter first name, let me stop you right there and give you the easy way out. Let’s just stick with “Gee” which is the short form of my middle name. In my defense, I am originally from Nigeria and our names are pretty much sentences! Ekenebukechukwu means “Glory be to God”, I know it sounds easier now that you know the meaning but please do not call me “Glory be to God”, I most likely would not answer you.

Nickname while growing up
My aunt figured this idea that calling me “Special K” was a good fit. Okay I wont lie, I thought it was pretty cool myself until I found out that something like Kellogg’s Special K cereal existed. Now it sucks thinking of the fact that I have anything to do with cereal.

Do you work out?
I have my days, more like my periods. I did when I was trying to fit my wedding dress, I did when I was in an apartment that had a gorgeous gym and screen for all my TV shows to be watched when I ran on the treadmill (that was pretty awesome, I would work out for hours watching Greys Anatomy and Scandal on Thursdays!) I need to make working out a habit though, I know this, I just need to find out how to do it.

How healthy are your eating habits?
Not great. I have no pattern whatsoever. Some days I go a full day without eating anything (maybe just water), some I throw in Animal crackers from the vending machine in my office and that’s it. While others, anything I set my eyes on would end in my stomach, well as long as it doesn’t kill. Another area of my life I think I need to work on. Oh, and I have a sweet tooth, I can have dessert for breakfast, lunch and dinner and all would be well in Geeland!

Is Love a feeling or a choice?
Hahaha! I think this is my all time most frequent question. I am holding on to the Choice side. My “simple” rationale is that I love my husband but I don’t always feel like it. So it can’t be a feeling. A feeling might have gotten me here but definitely the destination is way deeper & further than a feeling, it just has to be a choice. #shrugs

Any grammatical struggles?
First of all let me say that I am very proud that I do not mix up “your and you’re”, “I’m and am” and the likes. But for the life of me, why can’t I ever spell the word “definitely” or “separate” in one try? Why does that red line have to always pop up? Not a grammatical struggle though, more like a spelling one. Brrr!

Are you an Animal lover?
Oh no! Honestly this breaks my heart too, so if your smile just turned upside down we are in the same boat. This is something I just figured very recently in my life, I think I was going through some sort of “mid life crises.” Dogs, I love on from afar, like if it is small, cute and well behaved and makes a good accessory to a chic lady walking on the street, yeah then I can stand them a bit (Don’t judge me). But cats??? Oh no, no, no! We have officially crossed the line with that one. I just left my old house where my landlord’s girlfriend had nothing less than 6 cats! Not only did the smell find a way into my apartment but those things really creeped me out every night I came down to do laundry. Why do they stare like that???

Every other animal? I have no strong feelings for; live and let’s live!

How many Children are you thinking?
1 from me, 1 adopted, so 2 in total. But there is still time to figure it all out, honestly I am not thinking of that just right now.

When you are upset/sad what do you do?
Cry, pray and then listen to music. A few other times I eat, and eat a lot!

A New habit you are trying to learn.
Giving gifts for celebrations; birthdays, anniversaries etc. I have never been a gift giver and I think because I was not brought up that way. I used the “it’s the thoughts that counts” defense for so long until recently when my mindset began to change. I know I can not possibly give everyone I come across a gift but they say “charity begins at home”, so I’d start with those close to me (home); family and friends.

Any Pet Peeves? 
I have quite a lot but as of right now the one coming to mind is when people spit on the road. Omg! That is just the absolute worst thing anybody can do in front of me. For some reason I think a little too much on such incidents and I just go from “2 degrees of disgusted” to “100 degrees of disgusted”

You are Nigerian but you hardly feature Nigerian Weddings, why is that?
I would never say no to a beautiful wedding regardless of it’s culture as long as I think it would inspire my readers. But to answer your question, I feel I know nothing about Nigerian Weddings, so it is just harder for me to relate. Let us remember this Blog was formed from planning my wedding and because mine was worked in what I would call a traditional “western” wedding (to the extent I could make it), I feel I would have nothing to bring to the table in the area of a proper Nigerian wedding. By proper, I am talking of the traditions and all. But hey, I am learning; the likes of Wedding Feferity and Bella Naija are helping me 🙂

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