Indian Wedding Invitations | 12 Colorful and Detailed Invitations

Today I want us to take a break from Africa and skip back to Asia. For our culture-ful month of August, these two continents are what I have found to be most interesting when it comes to weddings without the western style. This week we have visited Ghana and South Africa and today we are back to India (The first was this New Jersey Indian Wedding, and second; Henna to Palettes). Going through my pinterest and filling up Knotsvilla’s Indian wedding board, I could not help but spot some beautiful invitation inspiration for an Indian wedding.

These Indian wedding invitations are full of colors (duh, it’s India we are talking about here!), henna inspired designs, patterns and even the famous animal – the elephant! I could not keep all these beauties to myself so I figured it was about time Knotsvilla had a post just for that.

Enjoy these 12 invitations shown below and let us know which you love the most!

1. Henna flowers Indian wedding invitations. From the Henna Collection. Invitation by Etsy Shop, Invitation Shop


2. Traditional Hindu Wedding Invitation. Designed by Priya of Pomegranita, printed by Studio on Fire


3. An ornate chakra adorned with rhinestones from the Azva Collection. Invitation by Etsy Shop, Invitation Shop


4. A modern floral motif inspired the meenakari designs. Invitation by Etsy Shop, Invitation Shop.


5. Tiered Indian wedding invitation suite by Paper and Home via Little Vegas Wedding


6. Jaiselmer Motif – Indian Wedding Invitation. Invitation by Etsy Shop, Invitation Shop.


7. A Bientot Letter Press Indian wedding Invitation. Invitation by Bella Figura


8. Indian Wedding Invitation from the Rajasthan Collection. Invitation by Etsy Shop, Invitation Shop


9. Bejeweled Indian Wedding Invitation- Sample. Photo via Etsy Shop, withanindiantouch


10. Gatefold Invitation inspired by the Mughal Paintings of the Kings and the Queens. Invitation by Etsy Shop, Invitation Shop


11. Bright Fuschia Pink Orange Indian Summer wedding invitation. Invitation by Etsy Shop, ArtsyDesignCo


12. Gorgeous Indian Wedding Invitation Scrolls – Ganesh and Paisley. Invitation by Etsy Shop, SDezigns


Hope you enjoyed these 12 beautifully designed invitations! Even though you are not Indian I believe these invitations with so much color and patterns could easily inspire you for your own wedding invitations!

Question of the day: Which of these 12 do you love the most and why? I cant get my eyes of the last one – the scroll. I just think having a scroll for an invitation is pretty awesome!

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    Thanks for Detailed information given about Indian Wedding Invitations. Now days people are looking for Digital Wedding Invitations or video wedding invitations.

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    Its true Indian wedding always incomplete without wedding invitation. Here information about colorful wedding invitations attractive & easy to pick.


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