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With every real event (weddings and engagement sessions) KnotsVilla shares, we ask the brides for their own bits of Wedding Planing Advice for future brides. The bits that we receive make it to our #RealBrideAdvice posts. However today’s real bride (Taylor) gets her own post because she went ALL IN when we asked for her own wedding planing tips. Unlike the tips we regularly receive which are usually about one to three liners, Bride Taylor gave us so much more, we had to give her a whole post.

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Below are the quotes from Bride Taylor with her 10 Wedding Planning Tips she would want future brides to know. See Bride Taylor’s Winter Park Surprise Proposal captured by Rania Marie Photography.

Bride Taylor’s 10 Wedding Planning Tips #RealBrideAdvice

1. Longer Engagements

“A longer engagement helps ensure you to get the venue/ vendors of your choosing. Our engagement was in January 2016 and we will be getting married 2017, I wouldn’t have mind getting married summer of 2016 but I did not want to settle for just any venue that had a space left, I wanted to make sure it was the perfect fit for us.”

2. Research Vendors Early

“Don’t hold off on doing research on local vendors/ and venues, the sooner the better. I had narrowed mine down within the first couple months of the engagement and met with the companies right away! I think its very important to meet with the people you’ll be working with on your wedding day! They’ll be the ones who help relieve stress and make sure things run smoothly on your big day.”

3. Bridal Shows

“I haven’t had the chance to attend one but I’ve heard local bridal shows are very helpful! I unfortunately don’t live in Cleveland, I actually live in Buffalo so I’ve technically been planning from distance but we get back once a month or so to visit Shawns family so we’ve made appointments with all our vendors when we’re in town.”

4. Enjoy the Process

“The most important advice I can offer is to enjoy it! You’re planning this whole magical day to marry the man of your dreams and that day will be here before you know it so make sure you take in the experience and enjoy every second!”

5. Organization is Key!

“Be sure to keep a binder or folder to help organize all your contracts, agreement forms, etc. with all your vendors. Even print pictures of ideas you have. It helps you remember things you like or may want to incorporate at your wedding. Pinterest has been a big help for me in getting ideas, helping to vision how I want my wedding to look!”

6. Don’t Force It

“Also don’t force your fiancĂ© to help. In our case, I love doing all this planning and wouldn’t mind if Shawn wanted to be involved more but he trusts my taste and I know if there was something he wanted to voice his opinion on he would.”

7. Stay True to You as a Couple

“Family and friends will voice their opinions as well and that’s okay! However it’s your day so follow your heart and be true to what YOU want!”

8. Budget and Prioritize Expenses

“Wedding planning can get expensive but it is also very do-able on a budget. Be sure to establish your budget first so you can spread out the spendings as needed between vendors. Pin point your most important things and focus your spendings on those things first!”

Dress Shopping

9. Don’t Be in A Rush

“It’s true what they say, the very first one you try on could be ” your dress!” Now this wasn’t the exact case for me however when I went to Kleinfelds in Toronto, after having already been to a few other salons, I worked with an amazing consultant. That is very important in the dress purchasing process. You don’t want to feel rushed or pushed into making a decision if you’re not ready!”

10. Once you find your dress.. STOP LOOKING.

“I’ve un-followed all the bridal dress pages on Instagram and I don’t intentionally look at them on Pinterest any more! There are so many beautiful dresses out there and new dresses will keep coming out with the newest collections but know that one you chose is perfect for you and remind yourself of all the reasons you picked it in the first place!”

Thanks to Taylor, for sharing these great tips! We wish her and Shawn a fabulous wedding and a wonderful marriage! Check out Taylor and Shawn’s Engagement Session.

What are your own key wedding planning tips? Do share!

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