10 things to Include In Your Wedding Website

Few days ago, I had one of my friends who took up the project of making his friend’s wedding website. He wanted me to go over the website and see if it was done right; In better words, he wanted my Expert advice ūüôā Obviously that was what led to this post.

I don’t know about you but for me and my circle of friends, almost everything goes online these days. Of course information about two love birds getting hitched is included in the list! I’d have to confess, when I am sent a wedding website link, I go straight to the pictures and the love stories however remember valuable and correct information should be included; your website should entertain as well as inform your visitors.

Here are 10 things I came up with to assist you in building your Wedding Website.

1.Welcome & Thank You Message

Firstly, your guests/website visitors should be welcomed and thanked for taking time to visit your website.¬†Introduce your site, say something sweet but keep it short. This section should be the first page they see in addition to your very “in love” picture. Most people are visual, too many words and few or no pictures makes it look too boring. Try to stay away from that.

2.The Couple

Of course everyone wants to hear about the people getting married. I like to believe majority of your guests are just like me who finds this to be the most interesting part of a wedding website. You can fill this section with those listed below either as¬†separate¬†pages or combined in lesser pages. Don’t forget to add, Pictures, pictures and pictures!
  • How they Met
  • The Proposal
  • About the Bride
  • About the Groom

3.Event Information

While the above section maybe fun and exciting, this section is what differentiates your wedding website from a regular Facebook album. This is mainly information for the invited guests;

  • Ceremony Location: Name of Venue, Address of Venue, Date, Time, Direction (if available)
  • Reception Location: Name of Venue, Address of Venue, Date, Time, Direction¬†(if available)

4.RSVP Information

Whether you have mailed out invitations with RSVP cards to be returned or sent out invitations online, an RSVP section should be included to inform your guests on what action to take. This is mostly just a reminder for that one person who may have misplaced their RSVP card or mistakenly deleted the online invite. For whatever reasons, there would likely be such people who just need to be reminded.

5.Wedding Party

This is a short bio of the people you have decided to include in your wedding party. Most of the times, it is just the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen but the list is definitely not limited to these. Some people go as far as adding the Flower girls, the Ring bearers, the Parents of the couple and more. Remember, a picture is always nice. Always keep it short, simple and sweet. These are a list of things about each person to include but not limited to;

  • Name of Person
  • Occupation
  • How and When You met
  • The Role to be played at the wedding


6.Accommodation Information

Depending on your type of wedding and if you would be having a number of out of town guests, this section should be included to inform them of hotels in the city of your wedding. This section should include a variety of hotel options and I would advise that you include options close to your venue(s). However try to leave room for flexibility for your guests by mixing up the selections of hotels. For each selection, include;

  • The Name of Hotel
  • Address of Hotel
  • Contact¬†Information
  • Distance from Venue(s)

7.Guest Book

This is another fun part for your visitors.This is where they get to drop off their congratulatory messages to you and your husband to be. It is always fun to read especially when there are messages from people you¬†haven’t¬†been in contact with for years, but it is expected; a website is never limited by distance.¬†Savor¬†their best wishes here!

8.Gift Registry Details

Where you are registered and the information to access your registry should be in this section. Depending on where you are registered, you might have to write very detailed information of how your guests can work with this. Make sure everything is correct;

  • The name on the Registry
  • The store of the Registry
  • The Registry number


Yes music sometimes makes your love story sound more like the one in the Notebook, It’s always a good addition. But keep in mind that not everyone can focus with background music (or your choice of music) playing so I would suggest always have an option that allows the music to be paused if the visitor chooses to.


Even though I have mentioned pictures in almost every point above, I still think I can never mention it enough. This section would most likely be the only section that has the fewest words (except the photo captions/descriptions). Feel free to go all out in this section, you can include;

  • Baby pictures
  • High School pictures
  • College pictures
  • Engagement pictures
  • and more!

Last but not Least,
Always test run your website before you make it live. You may work on this for weeks that you may not see some errors that a fresh set of eyes may see. So ask someone to test run it as a visitor and make sure you are good to go.

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  1. Dammy A

    Very helpful post. Are there any wedding website template you would recommend?

    • Gee | EverythingWeddingsAndMore

      Hey Dammy, I am very familiar with the weddingwire option and the wedmedo option. Weddingwire is the very simple and free option however I found wedmedo to be more styled and flexible so i went with that. I am not sure if their prices have changed but when I checked it was about $60 a year. Another thing i liked about wedmedo option was the fact that the name of your website can be customized as opposed to the wedding wire one were it would most likely be http://www.weddingwire.com/“your name”.

      Weddingwire link is http://www.weddingwire.com/
      Wedmedo link is http://www.wedmedo.com/

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