10 Ideas for a Christian Themed Wedding

Ideas-for-Christian-themed-WeddingPhoto from Whitney and Kyle’s Wedding by Petruzzo Photography.

Today’s post is one of those ones that get pretty personal for me and at the same time makes me wonder why Gee the Wedding Blogger did not exist long before my wedding. Initially I wanted a theme-less wedding; I just could not be bothered! But gradually I figured I’d like to show some personality of David and I in our wedding and the only thing I could think of was our faith. So I researched, but clearly not enough; not as much as the research I did for this post.

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Just  like I said in this post on Christian Wedding inspiration boards, creating that look is more about words than actual objects. There are a few objects that represent the Christian faith like the Cross, or the Bible itself but if you look deeper and research further you would see most Christian themed weddings are very word-filled; words from the Bible of course 🙂

So let’s into creating your Christian themed wedding!

1. Vows & Readings

Ideas-for-Christian-themed-WeddingFeel free to express yourself and your faith to each other through your vows. Photo by NMT Photography

2. Bouquets & Alternatives

Ideas-for-Christian-themed-WeddingBible page hooked to Bride’s Bouquet via True Photography

Ideas-for-Christian-themed-WeddingBridesmaids holding Bibles as bouquet alternatives. Photo by Betsy

3. Boutonniere

Ideas-for-Christian-themed-WeddingA cross signed Bout for the Groom and his men. Photo via The RitzyRose Etsy Shop

4. Wedding Stationery

Ideas-for-Christian-themed-WeddingStationery worded with 1 Corinthians 13 via Honey Milk Stationery

Ideas-for-Christian-themed-WeddingInvites worded with Song of Solomon 5:16 via Hephzibah Bride

5. Bride and Bridesmaids Hangers

Ideas-for-Christian-themed-WeddingScriptured Dress hangers for Bride and Bridesmaids via Monogrammadness12 Etsy Shop

6. Table Numbers or Names


Ideas-for-Christian-themed-WeddingTable names from Whitney and Kyle’s Wedding by Petruzzo Photography.

Ideas-for-Christian-themed-WeddingPhoto from Unique Table Numbers

7. Cake Toppers

Ideas-for-Christian-themed-Wedding1 Corinthians 13 worded Cake Topper via The Knot ShopIdeas-for-Christian-themed-Wedding“God Gave me You” Cake Topper via CreativeButterflyXOX Etsy Shop

8. Wedding Favors

Ideas-for-Christian-themed-WeddingSong of Solomon 2:16 Crafted Hand Fans via Wedding n’ Things

Ideas-for-Christian-themed-Wedding“God is Love” Hersheys favors. Original photo by NMT Photography

Ideas-for-Christian-themed-WeddingChristian worded favor Bags by LindaFulghum Etsy Shop

9. The Feet Washing Gestures

Ideas-for-Christian-themed-WeddingHusband washes his wife’s feet, from Whitney and Kyle’s Wedding by Petruzzo Photography.

Ideas-for-Christian-themed-WeddingHusband washes his wife’s feet, that’s David and I btw 🙂 Photo by NMT Photography

10. Photo Props

Ideas-for-Christian-themed-WeddingPhoto via Emily Kiel Photography

Ideas-for-Christian-themed-WeddingPhoto via Calvina Photography

You are very welcome 🙂

More Christian Wedding Details from Etsy!

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8 Responses

  1. Kelly H.

    I absolutely love these ideas! CJ and I are working on making our faith the central focus of our wedding as well, and another cool idea we are incorporating is having an alternative guest book. Instead of the traditional guest book that is signed as guests enter the ceremony or reception, we will put out a new, large-print Bible (probably inscribed with our married names and the date of our wedding) and have all the guests sign at their favorite verse and ask them to say a prayer of blessing over us as they do so. How cool will it be to have a family Bible that can be passed down to our children that’s been blessed by so many people that are special to us? 🙂

  2. Amy {Marilyn's Keepsakes}

    Love seeing posts like this in the wedding industry. Too often we take God out of marriage when He is the one that created it! Love all these beautiful pictures and inspiration on how to include faith throughout the wedding!

  3. Linda Fulghum

    Thank you for including my Christian bags as wedding favors!! Have a blessed day!
    Linda Fulghum

  4. Kairi Gainsborough

    These are some great ideas for a Christian wedding. I think that the cake topper that says “God Gave Me You” is very cute. My fiance and I still haven’t decided if we are writing vows yet. We will have to be sure to figure that out before we plan the wedding services!


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