10 Engagement Photo Props For Your Inspiration

As usual, my goal is to inspire you. Have you just gotten engaged, off the “engagement bubble” on now trying to figure out the early steps to planning your wedding? If yes, then sooner or later (if not now) you would be thinking of your engagement photos.

I remember having a hard time with my anniversary photo shoot because I did not want to “over-theme” it but I definitely wanted something extra to bring in our personalities, so I went digging for easy, accessible props to get just the right look I was going for. With all my research and asking of questions I settled for Balloons and Scrabble and I think it worked out just fine, labor and budget wise.

So today with this post, I figured that with all the time I spent researching in my situation, I might as well save someone out there all that and provide 10 ideas of what I think make for easy, quick and cute props for your engagement photos.

See these 20 photos (2 for each Prop listed) and I really hope you are inspired but not limited; I love when people take ideas and go on to be creative with them, so feel free to create.

1. =====Balloons=====

Photo from my Anniversary shoot by WillyVerse

Photo from Meagan and Jake’s Engagement by Steven Alan Photography

2. =====Board Games: Chess and Scrabble=====

Photo from Benjamin and Joy’s Engagement by Kimberly Chau Photography

3. =====Musical Instruments: Guitars=====

Photo from Angel and Alice’s Engagement by MarieSam Sanchez Photography

Photo from Greg and Brooke’s Engagement by Mathy Shoots People

4. =====Your Pets=====

Photo from Katie Jo and Bret’s Engagement by Jill Hotujec Photography

Photo from Rachel and Austin’s Engagement by Mike Cowart of Myrick Studios

5. =====Trucks=====

Photo from Kaci and Cameron’s Engagement by Holly Frazier Photography

Photo from Karissa Stuart’s Engagement by Freedom Photography

6. =====Holi Powder=====

Photo from Emily and Joseph’s Engagement by Robert J Hill Photography

Photo from Emily and Joseph’s Engagement by Robert J Hill Photography

7. =====Beverages=====

Photo from Kelly and Mark’s Engagement by TLGreen Photography, Submitted via Two Bright Lights

8. =====Sports Balls=====

9. =====Chalk Boards=====

Photo from Nick and Diana’s Engagement by Two tall Janes Photography

Photo from Stephanie and John’s Engagement by Devin Casper Photographic

10. =====Books=====

Photo from Meagan and Jake’s Engagement by Steven Alan Photography, Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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