10 African Inspired Wedding Cakes

Hey hey hey! We are coming so close to the end of Knotsvilla’s culture-ful month and can I say, I’m already missing the African & Asian vibe we have been having? Yesterday we moved focus from real weddings and attires to traditions and customs and today we are getting around to see some cakes! Nom, nom, nom!

These African inspired wedding cakes are dramatic, full of animal prints, trees, huts, traditional beads and more. Did I already say these cakes are dramatic? Enjoy these 10 carefully selected African Inspired wedding cakes and be inspired to add the African feel to your upcoming wedding if you like some extra character!

1. Cooking Pot Cake (very Hot!). Photo by Anabela Lourenco Photography via Munaluchi Bridal


2. Kente (Material commonly used and seen in Ghana) Wedding cake. Photo by Fleischer Photography


3. High tower House cake with smaller huts. Cake via South African Cake Decorators Guild


4. Jewelry (Beads) Box wedding cake. Photo by BK Concept


5. Print and Elephant Cake. Cake by Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium, Photo by FO Photography via Bridal Musings


6. Brown Tree Wedding Cake. Cake by Kick Ass Kakes, Photo by Fancy Fin Photography via A Paper proposal


7. Zebra Print Wedding Cake. Cake by Hockley Cakes, Photo by Mike Garrard Photography via Hitched.co.uk.


8. Beaded Cake. Cake by Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium, Photo by FO Photography via Bridal Musings


9. Talking Drum & Kola nuts wedding cake. Photo via Wedding Feferity

African-Inspired-wedding-cakes-talking-drum 10. Animal Print cupcakes! Actually from a birthday but too adorable and inspiring not to include! Cake by Bubble & Sweet Photo by Katie Takes a Picture via Karas Party Ideas


Hope you have eaten up some Africa from today’s post. These 10 african wedding Inspired cakes range from subtle to dramatic in character and hopefully inspires you on how to include “Africa”in your wedding!

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  1. Jannatul

    Me also prefer to see the wedding cake full of different color but that may look more like a wedding cake if a bride-groom doll can be added there. I really find the first one very unique and never seen before in wedding. Thanks indeed.


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