1 year gone, Forever to Go + My Wedding Color Story

I figured I might as well schedule this post for June 24th 2012 because the chances I’d be able to put up a post while lounging in my Hotel room in Niagara Falls or maybe on the famous Niagara boat ride is slim to none. It is pretty exciting to get to the 1 year mark just because the thought of how it all went down this time last year is still fresh in my memory. Those moments I’d hold onto for the rest of my life, thanks to my awesome photographers who all made that possible.

Happy anniversary to us, 1 year gone, forever to go!

The Color Story about today, 1 year ago;

Mr Punch (that is what we would refer to this man here from now on) and I got hitched at the Four Points Sheraton hotel in Chicago, close to the airport. I would classify our wedding as an Out of Town wedding mainly because about 80% of our guests were not from the Chicago area. So we had many people flying in which made a location by the airport seem like a better option.

We opted for the Gold and Purple option but I’d confess, that was not our first pick. Initially we picked Royal Blue instead of Purple but it was a pain finding bridesmaids dresses to suit that color until I stumbled on this Jessica Simpson Dress at Macy’s and it yelled my name! Lol. I have always been a fan of shorter length dresses and dresses that don’t scream “Hey I’m a bridesmaid!” so when I saw this dress, it was almost a go, all I had left was to run it by those involved. I quickly called Mr Punch and told him I was considering purple, if I remember correctly his reply was somewhere around the lines of “Anything you decide is fine with me”, lol, I got that reply quite a lot! So that is the story of how we picked our colors.

Enjoy the Color Inspiration Board I quickly put together for this post.


Details (Top to Bottom, Left to Right): My Wedding Shoes with “I Do” Stickers | The Gold Favor Boxes wrapped with Purple Ribbon | Favor Jar with Gold and Purple Hershey kisses | Gold Bridesmaids Shoes | Table Setting | Chair Cover

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